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Climate Change and extreme events in the Alpine area: how to be prepared”

The main aims of the event:

The main aims of the event were: to increase preparedness of Alpine territories towards Climate Change / Extreme events risks; to draw the attention of local & regional Authorities and Policy Makers on threats, but also on available instruments and opportunities; create a link and dialogue between researchers and users, to accelerate “technology transfer” and the pratical application of research results into Preparedness and Prevention applications.




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9.45 – 10.00 – Institutional WELCOME and introduction

10.00 – 11.00 – Extreme Hydro-meteorological Events in Europe

Flash flood in the northern part of Marche region on 15th September 2022

Francesca Sini – Civil Protection Regione Marche

Large cross-border fores fires in Slovenia in summer 2022

Milena Dobnik -Slovenian Ministry of Defence, Administration of the RS for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief

A review of extreme events in Europe: what can we learn from the past? Some results from Trans-Alp Project

Alice Crespi – Eurac Research

11.15 – 13.00 – Climate change and risk mitigation in the Alps: what can we do?

Analysis and impact of climate change in Italy

Paola Mecogliano – CMCC Foundation

Climate Change in the Alps: what to expect for the future

Klaus Haslinger – ZAMG

Panel Discussion

Chair: Massimiliano Pittore – Eurac Research


14.30 – 15.45 – Instruments and competencies for safer Alp

Assessing Cascading Effects of Storm-related Forest Cover Change on Snow Avalanches

Michaela Teich – BFW

Updating risk maps after the VAIA event

Fabrizio Tagliavini – ARPAV

Results of the SUDOE MONTCLIMA project: climate and natural risks in mountain areas

Juan Terradez Mas – OPCC

Towards a dynamic modelling of landslide occurrence and impact

Stefan Steger and Piero Campalani – Eurac Research

Methods for reducing the impact of floods – the smart urban drainage system in Zadar

Andrea Vitlov Kurtin – ZADRA NOVA

16.00 – 17.00 – Funding climate resilience of Europe

Risk Governance in the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region

Willigis Gallmetzer – EUSALP Delegate

The Union Civil Protection Mechanism and the Knowledge Network

Vladlena Doroshenko Salatenko and Cristian Iacob – European Commission, DG ECHO

General wrap-up and Event closure





What is Trans-Alp?

The TRANS-ALP project has been implemented by a consortium of environmental, meteo-hydrological and earth observations institutes from Austria and Italy, with the purpose of better understanding the threats related to extreme events at cross-border scale and elaborating new methodologies to improve the impact forecasting of extreme events in the mountain areas. The project is drawing to its conclusion and the partnership wanted to organise a final conference to sharing and discussing future perspectives with experts and stakeholders.