In the framework of the TRANS-ALP project, Eurac Research, with the support of EPC srl and ARPAV, organised the online workshop “Risk Governance of Severe Wheather Under Climate Change” with the aim of raising awareness and promoting discussion on the risk of severe hydro-meteorological events in the context of climate change. It was an opportunity to highlight and analyse potential similarities between past and recent disasters, such as Vaia, Central European floods and others, as examples of what could happen in the future, taking into account the latest data and estimates on climate change.

The workshop took place online in two sessions, with keynote speakers and a guided discussion.

The event, part of the All4 Climate Italy initiative, was addressed to researchers, practitioners and policy makers in the fields of risk forecasting, prevention, management, and assessment, but also to local authorities, civil protection operators, climate change researchers and the general public.

Recordings of the Workshop are available here: 30-September-2021 OnLine event – Trans Alp (